Sunday, January 23, 2011

Free Write 1, Week 2

In Defense of Rap by Benjamin McClain
Vulgar, Tasteless, propagating violence
against women, men, civilization, sanity.
street vernacular; hustle hard, do dirt, push weight, get on your grind,
sell white for green; put green on black for the win.
Fuck that bitch in her feline area, leave responsibilities in
The Dumpster daycare.
Smoke blunts, L's and J's. Find your Forty ounces
to freedom

Neoclassical. A throwback to warrior kings, mortal gods
Wine, Women and Wealth remains the tragic Charge.
Nero gives the thumps-up, let them live
Alas, always remember,
when in the Watts district, do as the Romans do.

1 comment:

  1. Ben, this is a perfect example of a text that might benefit from reorienting the language toward another subject. Check out the part in our text regarding "guided imagery." What would happen, for example, if we reoriented this by retitling it "The Fall of Rome"? Take it out of its obvious context. Make the language take unanticipated leaps.