Sunday, January 30, 2011

calisthenic 1, Week 3

Author note- All the source materiel for this work comes from the Post Secret books(people send post cards of there secrets to this guy and he publishes them) because I thought that would be a fun idea. I didn't think the work would have such an intense tone, but I did enjoy taking the words of simple, ordinary people and turning them into something else. Enjoy.

Secrets by Ben McClain

I fear feeling sadness
so waiting
nude at the dull, fog stained window
I allow her image to slip through my fingers.
"..need to stop" written on the glass canvas.
My insides scoffed:
but you won't.
I change my hair instead and wish I were still innocent.
She never gave me a chance and in one sitting,
I came to terms with my accursed mediocrity.

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